About Bo Peep World

About Us

Bo Peep mixes robust design with innovation and fashion creating beautifully constructed products that protect, nurture and enhance the everyday lives of multi-tasking stylish parents and babies.

Our products

Our debut product the bo peep buggy cover was created to give the best protection to babies from the threats we face today; air-borne pollution damage to their developing lungs, UV damage on delicate skin, visual disturbances from busy roads, sun, wind, rain and germs, all balanced within a simple stream-lined cotton cover with bespoke designs.

Believe in Freedom

Bo Peep believes in capturing our experiences and freedom in all that we do:  That sense of adventure on travels to exotic places, the feeling of fun and self-expression dancing into the early hours, weekends away with leisurely lie-ins and long walks, sunbathing on white sand.  These are all moments of freedom that we should cherish, past, present and future.  That’s why all our products are created to encapsulate this ethos, to enable our customers to carry a piece of this freedom with them wherever they go.

 Bo Peep buggy covers

Protects and shields newborns to toddlers from pollution especially at peak times such as the school run, the sun, 96% of UVA UVB rays, insects, wind, dust, particles and germs!  Comes with a discreet peep window so baby can see out and remains protected.  Fabric reflects light and heat away from the buggy. Clever in-built Cocoon Band™ creates a flexible and streamlined space and prevents wind blowing fabric into your babies face.

Streamlined window allows baby to see out safely.  Can be used in three different ways on your buggy, pram or pushchair.  Ideal for sunny holidays, the beach, a brisk walk, daytime napping indoors or out.

Carefully considered colourways that enhance your look.


The Bo Peep universal buggy cover was developed by mum of two Amy Murray Jones.  She wanted to create a stylish and affordable accessory to help babies feel relaxed and be protected from the weather and the elements whilst napping on the go and keep parents looking good wherever they may be.

So welcome Bo Peep, the most stylish and effective buggy and car seat accessory that:

  • Blocks high levels of pollution from small and developing babies.
  • Creates a shield of protection from harmful UV rays (UVA & UVB)
  • A UPF rating of 30+
  • Ventilation window to allow full airflow
  • Lightly shower proof when you’re caught in the rain
  • Block out visual distractions for daytime napping
  • A flexi-strip that protects a baby from the wind, creating a cocooned environment inside streamlines the cover making your buggy beautiful.
  • 3 modes that adapt to your environment: 
  • Fully extended – for naptime and Bo Peep’s highest protection from the sun.
  • Peep Mode – revealing the mesh window allowing your baby to see the the outside world
  • Bonnet Mode – Folded back in half, to create an extension of the buggy hood


Bo Peep’s gorgeous designs are the perfect partner for your buggy of choice.  Whether your a yummy mummy or a designer dad, there’s a colour and design for all walks of life.


Whilst blocking out visual distractions at nap time Bo Peep lets some light in to help your baby learn the difference between daytime and night time.


Easy attach Velcro strips help secure and mould Bo Peep to any hood and buggy opening, so you can be ready for action in under 10 seconds.


Bo Peep can be discreetly folded onto a buggy hood when not in use, but means it’s ready for action wherever and whenever.  From your home, a car trip, a walk in the park to a holiday abroad, Bo Peep is the perfect companion whatever the journey.  A high quality cotton based breathable fabric that’s machine washable means you can look good whatever walk of your life.