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Bo Peep Safari


This classic animal print has been designed by the Bo Peep team in a bold but neutral colourway.  We’ve gone for striking charcoal grey spots with complimentary taupe to create a vibrant and contemporary pattern.  Bo Peep Safari is ideal for an urban stroll, a country walk or a sunny holiday.

Bo Peep Safari also comes with these amazing features:

Tested to have a whopping UPF rating of 40+ (NHS recommend a rating of 30+) from the suns harmful UVA and UVB rays

A ventilation window that allows air to flow freely.

High quality White cotton fabric that reflects heat and light away from your baby

Our innovative flexible Cocoon Band™ streamlines the fabric so it doesn’t blow into your baby’s face, creates a beautiful calming cocooned environment and stops little hands grabbing it.  The Cocoon Band is housed in a discreet pocket and can be removed for more compact packing.


Bo Peep creates a barrier, shielding delicate newborns and babies from grit, dust, leaves and germs away from precious eyes.

Cuts out complex distractions and simplifies surroundings, allows some light through helping your baby understand the difference between daytime naps and nightime sleep.

In time, creates a reassuring space for your baby creating a calm and content baby.

Insect proof mesh window enables your baby to see the world outside but fully protective against bugs, flies, insects.

Easy to use there’s no need to take up space under your buggy.  Bo Peep can remain stashed on the hood and pulled into action quickly when required.

Bo Peep Safari can be popped in the washing machine at 30°C and ironed on a medium heat.

A striking and discerning cover that perfectly adapts to you, your baby and your environment.

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